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Give Me Everything.

I’m not going to lie. The song has grown on me. The song that’s played every time Victor Martinez comes up to bat, just a little bit louder than the others. Just a little bit longer than the others, because often late in games they let it play while the opposing team inevitably calls the bullpen to face him. The song that sparked the #vmartatbatmusic twitter hashtag:

At first I was annoyed he picked this song. It’s been all over top 40 radio – that I admittedly listen to in the car, and in the car only – for months and months. I can’t stand any other Pitbull songs and I hated this one at first. But after the summer V-Mart has had, I kind of love it.

It didn’t really start happening until I got to Detroit in July and I heard it in person. I found myself singing along and jabbing my friend Cee in the arm along to the beat as she rolled her eyes and laughed at me. I’ve gotten in the habit of tweeting the stupid hashtag or texting whatever Tigers fan friend I think could use a smile every time I hear the song. So many times this season, it’s signaled a big hit in the game. Tonight was no exception: it preceded an 11th inning walk-off single.

To me, it’s become the theme song of the 2011 team. As they head towards the playoffs, it’s all too true. For all we know, we might not get tomorrow – let’s do it tonight.