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Getting real for a minute: Visiting Tiger Stadium

I’m currently in Detroit, about to leave in a couple hours. I’ve been here since last Friday. Things were so crazy at work before I left and I’ve been running myself ragged since I got into town, so I haven’t even had a chance to talk about it on here, let alone process every amazing minute of this visit.

Photo by Allison Hagen

Uploading the photos I took when I visited the remnants of Tiger Stadium the other day has me tearing up just like I did when I walked through the gate and towards the makeshift home plate. I don’t know if it’s because I’m sad to be going home or just plain exhausted. It’s weird to have such a strong emotional response to that place specifically. I haven’t lived in the Detroit area since I was small. But I love baseball and the Tigers organization and it was just so jarring to see the field, the property with nothing on it. Just some bases, an infield and pitcher’s mound, and some chalk lines kept up by volunteers. A real shame. Appropriately enough, it was dark and dreary and then a quick storm rolled through downtown Detroit about 20 minutes after I took the photo above.

I realize this is kind of personal for a baseball blog, but I’ve had a few hours of downtime this afternoon to just sit and think about about the last few days I’ve spent here. I didn’t take as many photos at games as I normally do, as I spent a lot of my time at Comerica enjoying the company of a lot people I care about while watching the games. I got to hang out with a lot of awesome people that I don’t see enough, and met some new people that I would be privileged to have in my life from now on. Hopefully I’ll have more soon after I get home.