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Detroit Tigers baseball and other nonsense

Baseball writing. How does it work?

I made a promise to myself to keep this blog up and running with more content this year.

If I stare at it long enough, something will come to me.

It’s not like I don’t have a ton of inspiration to do so. All the links listed to the right (and several more that I need to add) provide that on a daily basis.

It’s not like the Tigers aren’t putting a great team on the field to help me come up with fun and hopefully positive things to write. Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder… to Brandon Inge’s various controversies among fans and other writers, and everything in between. It should be a hell of a team and a fun year.

I’ve already got my trip to Detroit for this year planned in August. In addition to that, there’ll be the usual quick weekend trips to Arlington, and there’s tentative plans for Cincinnati and Denver, too. Those trips are bound to give me plenty of ideas.

Then why does it feel like such a daunting task? I know I’m capable of it and I have done it in past years, and many of my friends have managed to write about baseball almost every day during the off-season. Laziness and other life things get in the way, I guess. For photographers, there’s always helpful lists for those who choose try to take a photo every day for a year – such as Project 365 – and then there’s National Blog Posting Month. These projects often offer special challenges or prompts to help get you going.

Baseball can provide the prompts itself, and as they say, you can’t predict baseball. All kinds of weird or interesting shit is bound to happen each day. Maybe I’m just writing this for self-motivation, because I can’t see how this could be useful or entertaining to anyone else. For that I apologize. But I want to get my shit together this year. My hope is that sometime, I’ll have the means and be in a situation where I can focus on nothing but writing. Maybe putting it down in black and white here will help me kick my ass into gear.


Meanwhile, in stuff related to baseball itself, I’ve actually been enjoying the fact that the Tigers haven’t been televised yet. They will be tomorrow, but as a split squad against the Phillies on the Phillies broadcast, and I won’t be home to see it. There’s something comforting about easing back into the season and letting some excitement build just by listening, reading accounts from people that are there, and not actually watching.

Don’t get me wrong, though. This weekend, I would’ve been in Lakeland if other things hadn’t come up, and I really wish I was. Maybe opening day will be even sweeter having been forced to only live vicariously through the TV and other people this time around.


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