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Dinner of Champions

Yes, I am posting to my neglected blog just to show you my dinner (because it arrived via UPS during the day today):

I’m guessing if you’re a Tigers fan you know that Justin Verlander has his own cereal now. You can buy it at Meijer in various Michigan cities (and Toledo, I’m told). You can also order it online, and even get a box of cereal packaged with a t-shirt if you are so inclined. I got the shirt, and in person the colors are navy and orange like they should be, unlike the example on the website. The cereal’s good, basically generic frosted flakes, and the proceeds from all sales go to two VA hospitals in Detroit and Ann Arbor.

So, fun times. I wonder, if I eat a second bowl, will my fastball go up a few MPH? It has to, right? And yeah, that’s a grocery store purchased Christmas themed clearance bowl leftover from when I lived with my ex. Don’t fuck with a girl and her favorite cereal/pasta bowl. I have no memories attached to this thing other than the awesome stuff I’ve cooked and subsequently eaten out of it.

Oh, and I’m actually planning on doing some writing around here once spring training and the regular season begin. Really. I swear.


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