No Run Support

Detroit Tigers baseball and other nonsense

Tigers drop Game 1 to Yankees, 6-3

Not exactly the way you want to start off the year, but they can’t all begin with a win.

Justin Verlander was inefficient but struck out eight and took a no decision.

Alex Avila… probably wishes he wasn’t in the lineup. Wild pitches, K’s – he had three of each.

Brandon Inge had a throwing error. At least he also had two hits.

There were some good things. Daniel Schlereth was the only pitcher to not give up any runs, Jhonny Peralta finally got himself an RBI (he had zero this spring), Ordonez threw out Swisher. Verlander looked like his dominant self, he just wasn’t consistent.

So there you have it. Awkwardly placed off day tomorrow, then Saturday’s game is on big Fox, meaning lots of people (probably including me) won’t get to watch it. I sound super cranky, but I’m not. I’m just glad real baseball is back, win or loss  or weirdness on Opening Day (as Albert Pujols grounds into his third double play of the day).


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