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Stuff & Things, the dog days of spring training edition

Maybe it’s just because I’m not there anymore, but I’m ready for spring training to be over and for the season to start. I can’t be the only one.

Yesterday the Tigers beat the Braves 2-1, on a walkoff triple by Andy Dirks. At least they’re making late March exciting.

Here’s some random links from when I played catch-up the last day or so.

  • I know it’s probably terrible but I find this whole Don Kelly Is A Catcher thing endlessly entertaining. Dude can really and truly play anywhere. It might not be as entertaining if he really gets into a regular season game and it’s a mess, but I guess we cross that bridge when we come to it. The Detroit News talks about Kelly and mentions a few recent roster moves.
  • Corey at AL Central in Focus recaps his top 15 Tigers prospects.
  • Matt at Motor City Bengals is making the most of the last days of spring training (unlike me) and is posting some really interesting tidbits each day as he counts down to the season opener in the Bronx.

Today the Tigers are in Viera playing the Nationals. Austin Jackson has the day off so Casper Wells is in center field; logically he’s leading off. Oh, Jim Leyland. The game will have a delayed broadcast (MASN) on MLB Network tonight.


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