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Andy Dirks does not want to go to Toledo, Tigers win 2-1

The Tigers took one of their longer road trips over to Port St. Lucie today to visit the Mets. In between stuff at work, I can finally say I watched an entire game for the first time this year. One of the good things about being in Central time is that spring games start during lunch, so I usually get to see or hear at least a few innings.

Andy Dirks continued his hot streak (it feels weird saying anyone is on any sort of streak in spring training, but, it is what it is) and went 2-4 with two runs scored. Brad Penny started and gave up a few hard hits but it was mostly smooth sailing for him, with three strikeouts.

The Marlins come to Lakeland tomorrow at 1:05pm, and Erin will have her in person account of that game sometime after. It’s officially less than a week until I see the Tigers for the first time this year – my first game is against the Orioles in Sarasota on the 13th.


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