No Run Support

Detroit Tigers baseball and other nonsense

No Run Support is moving!

On to bigger and better things… as of February 1, this blog will be a part of the G9 Sports Network. G9 is being launched by Julie DiCaro, an awesome woman who runs another blog you may be familiar with, A League of Her Own. What makes G9 different from sites like SB Nation and Bloguin? Every sports team blog is going to be female-run.

I’m excited to be a part of G9 and to give this blog some space to grow. I enjoy the community aspect of Tumblr – I’ll be keeping as a personal space – but I think it’ll be fun to let No Run Support become its own community. I’ll post a reminder link when things get going. For those reading that know me through my “work” at Bless You Boys, you’ll be pleased (I hope) to know I’m sticking around there to help out as usual. I hope readers that come here for baseball content will follow me over and check out the other blogs on G9 when it launches; it’s gonna have some really cool content.

So basically, I’m going to have even less of a life outside baseball. I’m pretty stoked.


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