No Run Support

Detroit Tigers baseball and other nonsense

Photo: AP

I’d say hitting two home runs, one from the left side of the plate and one from the right, definitely warrants a high-five. Yay Carlos!

Scoring 11 runs was fun, but I thought the best part of the game was when Rod and Mario got bored, and started playing with the telestrator. Rod began by complementing Rick on his haircut.

Mario: “Can you telestrate there, what you’re talking about?”
Rod: “Wait til he turns his head. Right.. there. It’s all about the line. Perfect line” Then of course he moved his head again.

Anyway, the Twins are off today so we have a chance to get another half game up on them. I don’t want to get too cocky, but last time we faced the rookie Carrasco, that wasn’t a problem. Hopefully tonight’s game is another hit parade.


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