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Detroit Tigers baseball and other nonsense

Where do I even begin?

For starters, the photo at the top of this entry was not stolen from somewhere! I took it! With my own camera! At an actual game! Just thinking about Monday night makes me grin from ear to ear, still. Tuesday too, really. I think I spent a combined 13-14 hours at Anaheim stadium over those two days and every minute was enjoyed to the fullest.

I haven’t taken photos of them yet, but thanks to a really awesome girl I met, I snagged many autographs. My ticket from Monday night has seven of them, and my hat has three. I guess this means I need a new Tiger hat.

Did I mention we won both games I went to? No? Well we did. I am no longer bad luck.

Getting to see JV pitch was as amazing as expected even though he kinda fell apart there in the 6th. I still got to watch 5 innings of shutout baseball. Miggy homered both nights. I met a ton of other Tiger fans. Good times indeed. I love my team.


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